Case Studies

11 Apr

Betty’s facelift

Meet Betty the lovely Bassett Hound. Betty is 3 years of age and as you can see from the photograph, has an excessive, heavy skin on her forehead, causing a severe drooping of her brow. The brow droop pushed Betty’s upper eyelids downwards, she could not see well and she also experienced irritation of her conjunctiva and cornea due to her eyelashes turning inwards into her eye, a condition caused entropion. &nbs..

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01 Mar

Liver shunt occlusion for Bobby

Bobby had always been a playful kitten, but tired more easily than his brother and was prone to tummy upsets. A thorough investigation at North Wales Referrals, Buckley revealed an abnormal blood vessel - a vessel shunting blood from the stomach straight back into the venous system, without being detoxified by the liver. A liver shunt or portosystemic shunt PSS can have profound effects on a patient during its life t..

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01 Mar

PDA success Hetti thriving

Born with a patent ductus arteriosus PDA has only one outcome if left untreated and that is congestive heart failure. Hetti was a lively little puppy and there was no indication of any ill health until a heart murmur was detected at a vaccination check up at the Archway Veterinary Practice at Grange over Sands, Cumbria. Subsequent cardiac ultrasound / echocardiography revealed a large patent vessel that had failed t..

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08 Sep

Pain free ears for Prudence

Prudence has a wonderful lifestyle and a clean bill of health - except for her annoying and painful ears. Stoic in nature, Prudence rarely let on to her adoring owners that she had a problem, like many dogs with chronic ear conditions, it becomes their normal.However, for Prudence by 8 years of age, her ear problem escalated, with the ear canals becoming full of thickened, bulbous ear canal lining. Prudence was diagn..

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02 Sep

Troublesome bile for Border Terriers

For dogs and cats, the secretion of bile is essential for the natural digestion of dietary fat. However, the biliary tract can become blocked for a number of reasons and the bile flow can slow down. Human beings are more prone to gall bladder stones that originate from cholesterol causing intermittent pain and discomfort. In dogs, gall stones do occur, but perhaps not as frequently and are often an incidental finding..

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24 Apr

Anal sacs : can they be removed successfully?

Yes is the answer, but here are some things to understand and consider in the surgical decision making process for each patient. Firstly, what are anal sacs? They are two secretory sacs located within the circular anal muscles called the internal and external anal sphincter. The sacs accumulate a smelly fluid which is expelled when a patient passes feaces, as a type of scent marking. For most patients this is an unev..

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25 Jan

Trigger’s Tale

Trigger had led a very flamboyant and busy life from the dizzy heights of Crufts to enjoying his romps through the Staffordshire countryside. At 11 years of age, this Flat Coat Retriever had no plans to retire or adopt a sedentary life style. Trigger was still very exuberant in nature, wanting to take part in family activities. However, Trigger’s owners had become increasingly aware and concerned that Trigger’s b..

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14 Dec

End of an ear….ra for beautiful Bella

Bella had always been fastidious in keeping her appearance in pristine condition although she had been a puss cat who was prone to waxy ears. Since turning 9 years of age however, Bella’s very astute owner had noted that Bella was subtly holding her left ear at a strange angle and from time to time was producing clumps of unpleasant thick brown wax. Bella, like most cats is very independent and needed to be handled..

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18 Feb

Oscar’s eyes bigger than his stomach – or at least his oesophagus

For most dogs the idea of chewing on a bone is heaven. However, for some, their excitement to devour the bone can sometimes mean that they swallow large chunks of spiky bone and so the transit from the throat to the stomach is far from straight forward. The oesophagus is the muscular tube that propels food along to the stomach in a matter of seconds, but a large chunk of spiky bone can get completely lodged either i..

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28 Jan

Tell us about the honey…..

An ancient remedy in the management of open wounds, honey has the ability to absorb water and reduce oedema and facilitate debridement. Unpasteurised honey also has antibacterial properties with Manuka honey considered the most potent.How does honey kill off bacteria ? No one yet is quite sure - Honey is acidic with a pH of 3.6, highly osmotic and naturally produces hydrogen peroxide in small quantities, which when ..

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