How much does it cost to use a Visiting Vet Specialist?

One of Catherine’s main reasons for embarking on her venture to bring specialist soft tissue surgery to local veterinary practices was to enable her to provide a service that is within reach of all pet owners. Every patient and their situation is different, so rather than produce a price list, give Catherine a call or an email to discuss. Catherine will do her utmost to accommodate all pets.

How can I book a specialist?

All bookings have to be made by a veterinary surgeon. Phone or email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Can I ring for advice?

Yes. Catherine is happy to accept advice calls from vets and owners of pets that have already had consultation or surgery with Catherine.

Will a Visiting Vet Specialist ‘ fit in’ with your local practice or hospital?

Having extensively practiced as a locum veterinarian, Catherine has not lost her adaptable nature and fully understands and respects the needs and complexity of first opinion veterinary practice. Catherine is a calm and friendly surgeon. The Visiting Vet Specialists will provide all the surgical equipment and accessories required.

Will your nursing team and anesthesia support be appropriate for specialist work?

Absolutely, your staffs’ familiarity with their own hospital set up and anaesthesia protocols will be more than satisfactory for a number of surgeries. However, should you wish or when certain surgical procedures are being contemplated, the Visiting Veterinary Specialists can provide a surgical nurse and anaesthesia support to take away any potential stress or anxiety from veterinary staff and increase the level of safety. The veterinary nurse that has accompanied Catherine since November 2017 is Lisa White. Lisa is a very experienced, caring surgical nurse, who has worked closely with Catherine and her patients over the years. Lisa is extremely approachable, providing an excellent opportunity for your nursing staff to ask questions, discuss a patients care plan or anaesthesia monitoring.

What about the after care of the patient?

Specialists will always plan in advance the likely aftercare requirements to make sure that everything is in place for their patients. Detailed, yet easy to follow post operative care sheets, customized to the individual, will be available for all patients for use during their practice /hospital stay and for the pets owners at home. Complications – these rarely happen as each patients’ procedure and their aftercare is so carefully planned. However, all patients are subtly unique in their response to treatment and in the event of any concerns, the specialists can be contacted directly and will be happy to advise, re-examine and devise a suitable plan to resolve the problem.

No initial presenting condition is too complex or deemed too simple, however, very careful consideration will be given to the type of aftercare required and whether that is appropriate to expect the practice / hospital staff and out of hours service to cope with these requirements or indeed if the patient would be better suited to travelling to a multidisciplinary hospital for the surgery and aftercare.

Will there be an opportunity for aspiring surgeons to learn?

Absolutely. The specialists will be more than happy for colleagues in the visited practices and hospitals to assist them and follow their patients through with the advised aftercare.