Getting to know Catherine

To many pet owners, veterinarians and veterinary nurses in the Northwest of England and Wales, I will be quite a familiar face and name but for those who have not come across me before, here is a bit of background about myself.

I have always loved animals and been fascinated by nature for as long as I can remember. At six years of age I was a proud owner of my first pet Marmaduke the guinea pig. During the years that followed, I was fortunate to own a rabbit, a cat, a dog, a horse and even some stick insects. I had always wanted to be a vet and qualified from the Royal Veterinary College RVC, London in 1994. I started to develop a keen interest in surgery and I was given a golden opportunity to study surgery in more depth, completing a surgical residency at the RVC.

In 2000, I moved to the Northwest of England and as a first opinion locum vet accompanied by my then Lurcher called ‘Mouse’, we were made very welcome by a number of veterinary practices. In 2004, I was awarded my diploma and specialist status in small animal surgery.

Focusing on Soft tissue surgery

After 11 years of being a first opinion practitioner, I decided to focus just on soft tissue surgery and worked for two well known referral centres in the Northwest until early 2014. Visiting Vet Specialists was created to provide those specialist skills to many pets nearer to their home. Your much loved family pets can be assessed and treated within the familiar surroundings of your local veterinary practice, with visiting specialists working along side the vets you know and trust.

When not examining pets and operating, I enjoy teaching practical veterinary skills to fellow vets and nurses. I lecture and give webinars for CPD Solutions. I am an active member and president (2017-2019) of the Association of Veterinary Soft Tissues Surgeons (AVSTS). In 2019, I  lectured for the Australian Veterinary Association in Perth.

I currently own just two lovely pets, Liv a 5 year old cat from Sleapy Cat Rescue in Shropshire and Spuddy a rescue Cockatiel. My beautiful and treasured cat Percy, sadly lost his life on the 6th March 2021 after being attacked by a roving Greyhound.We remain heart broken and miss him more than words can say. We sadly felt it was time to say goodbye to Ladybird our Lurcher on 6th February 2023, the void in our lives is huge.

Treating all pets with kindness and respectful consideration, do get in touch if you need my help.


Visiting Vet Specialists | About
Visiting Vet Specialists | About
Visiting Vet Specialists | About
Percy RIP our most precious boy
Visiting Vet Specialists | About
Visiting Vet Specialists | About
Visiting Vet Specialists | About
Beautiful old Ladybird