Pain free ears for Prudence

Prudence has a wonderful lifestyle and a clean bill of health – except for her annoying and painful ears. Stoic in nature, Prudence rarely let on to her adoring owners that she had a problem, like many dogs with chronic ear conditions, it becomes their normal.However, for Prudence by 8 years of age, her ear problem escalated, with the ear canals becoming full of thickened, bulbous ear canal lining. Prudence was diagnosed with chronic hyperplastic polypoid otitis externa, with extension of inflammation and debris in her middle ear    (bullae).

The treatment of choice for ear canals that are irreversibly damaged by chronic inflammation and infection is the careful removal of the ear canal ( vertical and horizontal canals) and then a careful, thoroughly cleaning of the middle ear boney cavity – the bulla. The procedure is called a total ear canal ablation and lateral bulla osteotomy. This is a surgical procedure performed frequently by Catherine at Visiting Vet Specialists, where a detailed knowledge of the anatomy and experienced surgical skills are guaranteed. Prudence had staged surgery, with a 4 week period between each ear being treated. Patients having ear surgery are provided with an excellent pain relief protocol which enables them to comfortably go home the same day. The Lancaster Veterinary Centre looked after Prudence for her check ups, and as you can see by pressing the link below , Prudence is now able to enjoy splashing through the waves, without suffering any ear ache as a consequence. To find out more about TECA/LBO surgery, please contact Catherine at Visiting Vet Specialists.